UTR Ladder

Advantage Tennis Academy Full-Time Program Upon the inception of each semester we begin the ATA UTR Ladder. This is our inhouse competitive league where players are placed into groups of 5 (subject to change) based solely on their full UTR rating. This creates a great competitive environment simulating tournament emotions. Due to the usage of the UTR ratings, each player is exposed to four competitive matches which they play throughout the month.

Subsequent groupings are formed by taking the top two and bottom two of each group moving and adding the inevitable mid semester add-ons.

The UTR system is becoming the authority on dynamic ratings.The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system provides tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play. The 16-level scale (from beginners to elite world-class professionals), precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results without regard for age, gender or where the matches are played. This allows us to group our players into a ladder for weekly competitive matches.

Austin Di Giulio


Katherine Nguyen


Sun Eason


The ATA players are exposed to the anxieties & pressures of competition, allowing our staff to watch our students compete under pressure. We can  more effectively couch and train our players witnessing their responses to matches, attitudes, motivations and decision making. The players are asked to fill pre-match form & post match analysis occurs.

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