Advantage After-School

Why Advantage

Why Advantage After-School?

Advantage Tennis Academy is one of the leading high performance academics in the country, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our students. Our After-School Programs provide players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills with daily High Performance Training and tennis specific fitness.

The programs give players the opportunity to train and compete with top National & International kids in our Full Time Program. Advantage players come from all continents and backgrounds with one goal in common: becoming the best tennis players they can be.

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Advantage After-School Programs

Advantage TournamentTEAM training program caters to those looking to develop their game to its full potential. Players will be developing weapons in their game and learning how to develop their strategy around it... Read more

Advantage PreTEAM focuses on developing the appropriate stroke mechanics and establishes the habits necessary for maximum tennis growth. We work with players on establishing a great base in their tennis technically, tactically, and physically in order to fully develop their games to compete with confidence... Read more

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& Travel

Advantage Tournaments & Travel

Southern California offers a rigorous schedule of tournaments for students to participate in during their training at Advantage. On average, we travel to 20 local tournaments and 12 national tournaments per year. Advantage players usually travel as a group for tournaments–our tournament travel group feels and acts like a team. Our tournament coaching is among the top learning sections of our Academy. Our generous year-round tournament schedule helps students gain the experience they need to become tournament-tough. All Advantage players are matched with a tournament schedule that fits their individual needs–whether it’s ITF level tournaments, national level events, or top level sectional events, players will find tournaments that push them to the next level.

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Customization Options

Customization Options

The Advantage Tennis Academy (ATA) customization options are geared to cover all the base bullet points for optimal development. Get all the great benefits of passion building, skill development, peer interactions, shot tolerance, learn to handle player interactions in a competitive environment, establish friendships, practice building weapons or improving weaknesses and more. ATA establishes that great foundation and still enabling each player to entertain fantastic customization opportunities. Take a look at all these added customization options players can add to their base programming and personalize their own development

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Q. My child is (13) old but has never played before, can he/she still join the program?  
A. ATA programs are for 10 and over. The High Performance is for Open Level players & the AdvantageJr is for Intermediate levels. Beginners should consider private lessons to kick-off their development to get to an intermediate level. Inquire about packages.

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