Tournaments & Travel

Tournaments & Travel

Southern California offers a rigorous schedule of tournaments for students to participate in during their training at Advantage. On average, we travel to 20 local tournaments and 12 national tournaments per year. Advantage players usually travel as a group for tournaments–our tournament travel group feels and acts like a team. Our tournament coaching is among the top learning sections of our Academy.

Our generous year-round tournament schedule helps students gain the experience they need to become tournament-tough. All Advantage players are matched with a tournament schedule that fits their individual needs–whether it’s ITF level tournaments, national level events, or top level sectional events, players will find tournaments that push them to the next level.

Each year we have groups of players that travel together for a variety of different events. We have an Orange Bowl Travel Team, ITF Travel Team, Easter Bowl, Las Vegas Travel Camp and more. Wether the kids travel for a tournament or we take players to a destination for training and new expereiences we maximize the benefits of the trip and mitigate costs by traveling as a group!

Advantage Tennis Academy offers tournament coaching at many of the SoCal tournaments, Nationals and ITF’s. We offer a variety of services for players playing locally or traveling abroad. ATA has preselected tournaments which we are already traveling to with our boarding players. Others are welcome to join our warm-up, travel and coaching at the event for $75/day. Pro's can be sent with a player for $200/day plus expenses. Many times groups of our players travel together with a pro to some of the larger national tournaments or ITF's. This pricing model is based upon numbers.


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