Mental Training & Mentoring

Advantage Tennis Academy Full-Time Program

Advantage Tennis Academy (ATA) takes pride in its mental training and character building program where we focus on giving our player the access to the resources required to build the full student-athlete-person.

The biggest knock on most academies is "your kid will get lost". This program we implement is geared to avoid that possibility. We want to provide the best opportunity for all round growth for your child. That includes tennis growth, character development, academic achievement, physical improvement and more.

Mental Training is constantly part of the on-court message but we get more structured and focused with off-court excercises with our experienced pro's and access to Worthy to Win founder and mental expert Joey Johnson. In classroom sessions with former college coaches addressing the mental attitude and strengths neccessary to excel on the court and in life. Friday sessions with Worthy to Win which will be used to have the kids learn which type of competitor they are. Great education and self realization.

Mentoring is set in a structure so that each player has access to a mentor whom they can open up to and share the good and bad of each week. Do not want any player to feel left out or feel like they are not getting what they need from the academy. This process creates that proper line of communication and gives the player and academy to make aproppriate adjustments as needed. Each one of our coaches are paired up with up to five students to guide them to the success that the student would like to achieve. 


Character Development Program

Joey Johnson, Adrian & Leyden Games

The coaches become the students’ mentor. Together the student and mentor will develop short-term and long-term goals, on and off the court, and how to follow-through with these goals. Students are able to depend on their mentors to help with any problems that may arise in tennis or in life but also develop the skills to independently handle certain situations.

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