After-School F.A.Q.

Advantage After-School Programs

After-School Programs

Q. Are there makeups?
A. Make-ups do not roll over but a missed day can be made up during the semester. Simply inform the program director of your request to make up on a particular day.

Q. Do I have to call in when I have to switch days?
A. Yes, please inform the Program Director to confirm

Q. My child is (13) old but has never played before, can he/she still join the program?
A. ATA programs are for ages 10 and over. The High Performance is for Open Level players & the AdvantageJr is for Intermediate levels. Beginners should consider private lessons to kick-off their development to get to an intermediate level. Inquire about packages.

Q. Can we try out? How much does it cost?
A. You can attend a for a one time fee of $60.

Q. How do try outs work? Who will assess my child?
A. A discussion about your players abilities and then selecting a day to attend.

Q. Will my child play with children his/her level? Can you guarantee that my child will play with players of same level?
A. Kids are grouped by ability and need. We also use Bump Games to allow the players to determine groups based upon results.

Q. How does your program work? (Ratio, techniques, training methods, …)
A. We offer our players the structured ATA training process which includes shot tolerance progressions, game improvement drills focusing on a variety of skills, point play with “bumping”, serving daily and then to embrace some of our Academy offerings we have added a couple of our Full Time offerings. Therefore, an additional hour to Monday’s and Friday’s sessions will be added for set play. We have added a half hour to the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday sessions for Fitness. The goal is to offer a more well rounded product for those looking to streamline their training without having to “chase/manage” their kids set play, tennis training, fitness and more that we can offer in one program.

If you have any questions please contact us or Call 1-800-420-4054.