Advantage Juniors

Advantage Juniors Program

Age 8 & Under

Advantage Juniors Program is a student-oriented program presented by Advantage Tennis Academy(ATA) with the mission of implementing the “Great Base” as a foundation for technical development, allowing young athletes to improve substantially, learn to compete better, and have great time doing it. The “Great Base” was founded by world renowned Coach Steve Smith. Coach Smith is one of the most knowledgeable tennis teachers in the game with a fact-based method, supported by the application of physical laws. The tennis education provided to our coaches through the “Great Base” is second to none. 

Why Advantage After-School?


Jessica Wilcox - Program Director & Main Coach

Jessica WILCOX
Program Director
Main Coach


Charlie Alvarado - Head Pro

Head Pro


Advantage Juniors Red Team

Red Team

Ages 5 & Up
Smaller courts, lighter racquets and lower compression balls means that the kids start having more fun from the outset. Divided into two levels A & B designed for beginner to intermediate players. Red Team classes are the perfect opportunity for children to learn the game of tennis. Players are introduced to point play through a variety of games and mini competitions. 


Advantage Juniors Orange Team

Orange Team

Ages 7 & Up
This program is for the next stage of development for players transitioning from Red Team. Players continue their development through “The Great Base”training system. In this stage there is a lot of focus on their technical development, consistency training, and movement. Players will be introduced to point play and competition and will have a better understanding of how the game is played.


Advantage Juniors Green Team

Green Team

Ages 8 & Up
Pre-Competition Team. A developmental program for beginner and intermediate players. Players continue their development through “The Great Base” training system. Training will be divided into 3 categories; footwork development, Technical Development and Strategy development.



Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

  • 4:00-5:15pm Tennis Training


Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees*

  • 1 Session / Week: $700 / Semester
  • 2 Sessions / Week: $1,300 / Semester

*Spring Break: Individual spring break weeks vary and are not included in the tuition prices. Please contact us about prices and availability for spring break training.


Register Now

Register Now

You can begin the application process by purchasing online the Advantage Juniors Program. Once you register, our office will contact you to continue the admissions process. 

Register Now

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