Private Tennis Lessons with Coach Mahmoud

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About Mahmoud Karim

The ATA Owner & Director, Mahmoud Karim grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where he was ranked in the top 3 Nationally 12s-18s. Throughout his junior career Mahmoud has represented Egypt in Junior ITFs, Arab Leagues and Championships, African Championships and Pro Futures. Following that Mahmoud finished his High School at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida, where he achieved Division 1 Scholarships at both Rice and Loyola Marymount University. Mahmoud played the pro tour for a few years while struggling through a recurring shoulder injury keeping him out of competition for several months at a time. After going through extensive rehab the injury never fully healed and it was realized that he could not compete at a competitive level. At this point Mahmoud finished his Bachelors degree at California State University in Fullerton and dedicated his life to both coaching tennis and creating a competitive environment for the development of athletes. “The goal then and the goal today is to create the best tennis and academic atmosphere for student athletes from all over the world to thrive both on and off the court while pursuing their dreams of a College scholarship or Pro career.”

In 2005, Mahmoud partnered with Jimmy Johnson to build and grow Advantage Tennis Academy. For over 18 years, Mahmoud has coached top nationally and internationally ranked juniors, including both ATP and WTA touring pros. He has coached and mentored junior players having competed in over 10 Junior Grand Slams and continuing. Mahmoud’s unique ability to understand the mental aspect of tennis helps him connect with players and instill in them the mental toughness tactics that are critical for any aspiring athlete. Mahmoud assists the Advantage players on a day-to-day basis with developing their tennis foundations, proper footwork, and game-winning strategy.