Private Tennis Lessons with Coach Joakim

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* Coach Joakim will contact you as soon as possible to confirm his availability. If you have any questions, please contact us or Call 1-800-420-4054

About Joakim Nordmar

Born and raised in Sweden, brings 9 years of teaching experience and an impressive background as a player to Advantage Tennis academy. He's had a world ranking as a junior player, traveled across Europe competing in international events and was ranked top 30 nationally in Sweden. He has beaten several top junior players in doubles and some of ATP level. In 2008 Joakim became one of the youngest club managers in Sweden at the mere age of 19 and has been coaching several top ranked juniors in Sweden as well as the United States. In 2011, Joakim was part of Cypress college Tennis team where the team was ranked #2 in the OEC conference.

Joakim believes in consistent work on and off the court on a daily basis and pays attention to details to elevate students to the next level.