Private Tennis Lessons with Coach Adrian

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* Coach Adrian will contact you as soon as possible to confirm his availability. If you have any questions, please contact us or Call 1-800-420-4054

About Adrian Games

The ATA Owner & Tennis Director, Adrian Games has a wealth of teaching and playing experience. He competed extensively over his career playing across the globe learning the game and chasing his dream. Kept competing through his late 30’s maintaining top USTA National rankings and Sectional Top 5 rankings and competing in 5.5 leagues until 2015. While still competing he ran a few of the largest full servie tennis facilities. He directed all aspects of the tennis programs and 500+ player tournaments. He organized some of the largest, most engaging INT USPTA Tennis Conventions which were combined with the Tennis Channel Open where tennis professionals attended to build their knowledge of the game. Now he is fully committed to the development & growth of the ATA students. “My goals, hopes and focuses are all dedicated to the ATA player now” he says, “it is a pleasure to be an integral part of these kids journeys. A role I do not take lightly.”

Adrian has played, taught and trained for over twenty years building his experiences. He grew up in the academy world after years as an athlete growing up in the same world as the kids currently at ATA. He has trained top national junior players to world ranked professionals during his career. He has worked with juniors and adults of all levels, State Champions, Division I College players and WTA Top 10 players. Indluding his own daughter who is a 13 year old 5-star junior player ranked as high as USTA #11 in the nation. She is following his same footsteps and exceeding them as a proud part of the ATA curriculum which has done so much for her game. Adrian has been a USPTA P-1 and PTR Professional, former USPTA Intermountain President, Past National USPTA Executive Board member and a USPTA Intermountain Pro of the Year! He is proud to have joined Jimmy and Mahmoud as part of the ATA ownership group in 2015 and honored to be a part of such an impressive team across the board.