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What is ATA?

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Advantage Tennis Academy is an elite junior tennis training center and academic institution. At Advantage we motivate and inspire students to become true champions. We offer the perfect blend of world-class tennis training, high quality education, and character development tools to help athletes reach their goals and achieve real results.

All of our tennis training is based on the most current research, ensuring that Advantage players receive cutting-edge training at all times. We also distinguish ourselves by offering a 1:1 coach-to-student training system in addition to group training. Our students receive the finest individualized instruction with our Player Performance Management System*.

* Our Player Performance Management system ensures that students are mentored on an individual level. Players meet weekly with coaches on a weekly basis to set performance goals and evaluate progress and development.

Each individualized student plan incorporates both on- and off-court training, including:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with coaches to set performance goals and evaluate progress and development
  • Customized tournament schedule
  • Detailed focus on stroke and swing technique
  • Effective mental strategies and match scenario planning
  • Exceptional research-based fitness and nutrition instruction

Tournament Training
Southern California offers a rigorous schedule of tournaments for students to participate in during their training at Advantage. On average, we travel to 20 local tournaments and 12 national tournaments per year. Our generous, year-round tournament schedule helps students gain the experience they need to become tournament-tough.

Mahmoud Karim Advantage Tennis Academy OUR COACHES
"Because mentorship and individual training are an integral part of our program, we ensure that all of our coaches possess the leadership and mentoring skills necessary to develop students on an individual level. Our coaches are equipped to handle all kinds of players, with training that meets the needs of each student."

Mahmoud Karim - Owner & Head Coach

Advantage Learning Academy provides both middle school and high school students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum through accredited programs. Our teachers are passionate about the academic and personal growth of each student. ALA offers a blended learning environment, combining best-of-class online learning with the individual attention of a face-to-face teacher. Advantage Learning Academy’s primary curriculum provides:

  • High-performance technology-based courses designed to stimulate and motivate students to excel at their own pace
  • Hundreds of courses‚Äîincluding honors, AP, and electives, all taught by California credentialed teachers
  • Blended learning environment, which provides optimal time for one-on-one instruction
  • Ability for students to continue coursework while traveling
  • A college-centric and family values based environment
  • Cultural experiences, field trips, and other enrichment activities to foster development in all areas

At Advantage Tennis Academy we understand that student development encompasses more than academics and tennis training. We strive to develop student-athletes who will be leaders and role models in their communities. Community service, leadership development, and life management skills are critical elements of our curriculum. By ingraining accountability and a strong moral compass in our players through our Character Development Program, we help prepare them to take on life challenges as they finish up their training at Advantage.

Our mission at Advantage Tennis Academy is to help each individual player maximize his or her growth and experience. We pride ourselves on the expert training and individual attention we give to all of our players. With 10 full-time coaches and a staff of 20, we are there for our players in all aspects of their development to coach, educate, and mentor them as they pursue their goals and achieve real results.